Sunday, 12 April 2015

The #SLBloggerBash

I'd like to start this post with a little thank-you to Scarlett London herself. I've honestly been reading her blog for years, I remember when I first started up my blog I DM'd her for some advice and she was so helpful and encouraging. Fast-forward to 2015 and I finally got to meet her in the flesh. Just as I expected, she was so damn lovely, beautiful and welcoming. Huge shoutout to Scarlett for inviting me! 

Onto some snaps of the day. 

Alex and I having a whirl at the ModernRugs grass-bowling, winning some gorgeous floral headbands, which are perfect for festival season!

Blogging is a really strange world. A lot of people outside of it, don't really understand it and it's exhausting to explain, but those inside are all a tight knit community. It's crazy how many bloggers there are and how many blogs I personally read, but sometimes it can feel like a really lonely thing, especially if you're not surrounded by people in that world. 

Blogger Events are such an amazing idea. It's so cool to be surrounded by people that are in a similar mind set to you. It never fails to surprise me how kind complete strangers can be. It's also pretty weird when you meet someone who you've been staring at through a computer screen for ages. I've come away from the event so inspired and motivated - I think sometimes you need to be around other bloggers to bounce ideas off of or get some inspiration, it's brilliant seeing the diversity and creativity all under one roof.

ALSO I took a disposable camera, so I'm waiting to get that developed because I have some lovely snaps of myself, Scarlett and Alex. 

I want to say a huge thank-you to Alex, my wing girl [follow her INSTA]. Equally as fashion obsessed and crazy as me, we had such a laugh - even if we were hobbling down Oxford Street with extremely painful feet...all in the name of fashion right? I really needed a day full of laughs and craziness and Alex definitely brought that.

Ere's us [post-event] in the Topshop photobooth
 [very confused in the first set when the flash went off with no warning, totally ready in the second set, kinda]

Thank-you to Scarlett, SearchLaboratory and everyone else involved. 

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