Friday, 11 July 2014

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Band T's are something I'm a little reluctant to wear.
I love bands, I grew up listening to Nirvana and Blink 182, All Time Low are probs one of, if not my favourite band ever, but I think especially with girls, there's this idea that when a girl is wearing a band t-shirt she doesn't actually like the band or know their songs, it's just to look cool. So up 'till now, I've held back on the T's because it's frustrating knowing I love the band so much, but people think I'm doing it to be that 'cool indie grunge girl'. Ya feel me?

Ever since I was little, I've loved ACDC. Dad introduced me & I remember being a bubba listening to the album Back in Black and just loving it. ACDC are just mine and Dad's thing, whether it's blasting Thunderstruck at the gym or doing our ace Angus Young impressions. I think Dad was always determined to make me into a little grunge rock chick. 

I'm very fussy when it comes to band T's. They have to look well loved and lived in, I love big baggy arm holes and that boyish look [duh], so I was super surprised to have all those boxes ticked by non other than Topshop. Ironically, girls are probs buying this T for all the reasons I mentioned above, especially considering its sold in the most mainstream shop ever, but I genuinely couldn't put this down. 

I love the baggy arm holes, I think you can get away with a little bit of side-boob, or skin, especially when the neck is high and you're wearing MOM jeans, not a lot else is on show. I'm obsessed with the picture of Angus Young on the front in his iconic schoolboy outfit. It's just all round cool, but for people that love the band, it's even cooler. 

Yup, I've caved and joined the Birkenstock craze & I have to admit, I love 'em. I don't think I'd fork out for a real pair but these Topshop twins are just as good. I'm loving sliders, skate shoes and Birks at the mo, so expect to see them in a lot of up-coming blog posts. 

If you read my latest haul post [HERE] you'll know that I've finally joined the MOM jean crew & it didn't take me long to blog about them did it? Overall, I just love this look together, it's super laid back and influenced by 90's grunge [aka the time I wish I was 18] - I think subtle things like belting the jeans to give the hint I actually have a waist under all the material help to stop me looking so swamped. 

All in all, I'm obsessed with this outfit. Another massive high 5 to Topshop, who just seem to be getting it bang on in my books at the mo. 

ACDC T - Topshop - £23.00 - size 10 
MOM Jeans - Primark - £13.00 - size 10
Fake Birkenstocks - Topshop - £26.00  

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