Sunday, 7 June 2015


Lots and lots and LOTS of snaps this week. So grab a drink and enjoy.

THURSDAY was our first proper sunny day in ages, luckily myself, Tanya and Tash had planned to hang out. Of course, our day started in TOPSHOP, where I nabbed the khaki dress above which came in handy when I started to overheat in my dungarees...resulting in me doing a lil switch over in the middle of the park. Grabbing some lunch, we headed to the local park and spent the majority of the day lazing about in the sun, talking and cultivating our new alter ego's, Tha Wizard, Tuff and Peter Pan [thanks to the Wu-Tang name generator].
I love public parks, it's a great place to just chill and people watch which is exactly what you need sometimes. I honestly had the best time with Tash and Tan, it's so nice to hang out with people that make you belly-laugh and make you feel totally comfortable to be yourself.

THURSDAY EVENING resulted in an extremely spontaneous trip to a playground. Yeah, I'm nearly 20 I promise. Hanging out with Daisy [left] and Bam [right]. We look exhausted in the snap above but it was a great way to end the day.

SATURDAY was another ridiculously sunny day, so of course I headed back to the park. There just so happened to be a medieval faire on but I was more interested in catching a tan, snoozing in the sun and reading my book. Afterwards I headed to this quirky, spooky little magic store and nabbed myself the "relaxed Buddha" key-ring [the lady in the store said that's what it's called, please don't give me shit if it's wrong - but I'm always curious for more info on it] and this ace emerald stone necklace.

SATURDAY NIGHT involved Bam, Daisy and I heading to our local pub/bar type thang and having a couple of drinks. I am definitely an enormous advocate of pubs and bars over clubs [call me a granny if you will], of course the night wasn't without drama...but then when is it ever?

Let me know if you enjoy more photos/less writing or vis-versa. Today I fell asleep in the sun and woke up extremely tan, thanks Dad for the foreign skin/absorb the sun and go brown genes. Then, Dadda Lenihan and I whacked out the BBQ, beer and listened to DIIV. 

Keep your eyes pealed to my blog this week, there are some exciting posts dropping. I hope you've all had an ace week/weekend. 

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  1. I love your blog! Not only is it a cool selection of fashion pics and tips but it is also an insight into your life which is really interesting. I always use your style and ideas as a basis when I look for clothes - I like to try new styles. So thanks Gabi! x