Thursday, 10 April 2014

LIFE // they're just girls

There's nothing I love more than throwing a party. I've held 2 incredibly messy summer house parties, as well as a few gatherings. The best thing about garden-gatherings in comparison to house-parties is that they're super chill, you can listen to music and drink wine, 'ave a laugh and not worry about the back of your garden being set on fire [yup, its happened]

Inviting my lovely gal pals - [from left] Amber, Paige, Tash, Maddy, me [obvs] and Beth - we listened to an incredible indie/Made in Chelsea inspired playlist, had a glass of wine [or three] n bitched about boys.

If you need a little push to have a little garden-gathering yourself, GO FOR IT! There's nothing better than putting your phone down for a few hours [minus time to instagram, obvs] and just have a good chat. Tell your friends to bring a fiver for pizza, their own wine and you got yourself a gathering. 
Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine in England at the moment! x x 

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