Sunday, 30 March 2014

FASHION // Haul - Urban Outfitters & Zara

Recently, I headed to London and of course, me being me, I couldn't avoid the shops. Here's a few things I picked up from the Oxford Street Urban Outfitters as well as the Regent Street Zara. 

 In all honesty, Urban Outfitters are probably one of my favourite shops. I love their grunge/indie vibe, but it's just so expensive. SO I leapt at the 50% sale opportunity and picked myself up this incredible dress. I saw it on the hanger and I just loved the simplicity of it, then when I tried it on I fell in love with the back. I tend to expose my back as it's probably my favourite part of my body so this is perfect. It is so well cut and hangs in a really nice way on the body. I love the differentiation of strap thickness at the front, as well as the slouchy fit. I have in mind either wearing this with strappy heels OR a pair of boots with a plaid shirt tied around the waist. I just love it. 
SIZE M // Sparkle & Fade // Originally £38.00 SALE £20

 It's inevitable that if I'm in an Urban Outfitters I'll buy a plaid shirt. I live in these and am forever chucking them over a dress on a night out or heading to Sixth Form in them. BDG are my favourite brand to buy plaid shirts from as they always have the perfect colour ways, as well as being really good quality and cut well. I've been on the market for a green based plaid shirt for quite a while and this ticked every box I had. These are great to wear buttoned up, open at the collar over unbuttoned over something. 
SIZE M // BDG // Original £40 SALE £25 
We all know I'm a sucker for Zara. When I'm not being all grunge/indie, it's my go-to shop. Every thing is cut so well, the designers are perfect to the finest detail and it's such good quality. Sometimes you can grab a real bargain, but a lot of it is extremely expensive. Being in the Regent Street Zara I knew it'd be rude to not get something and when I saw this dress, I knew I wasn't leaving without it.

The photo isn't exactly the most flattering, but honestly, this dress looks gorgeous on, [I'll do a better OOTD soon]. I adore the lilac colour and it'll look incredible with a tan. The high neck just adds a little bit of detail and the short sleeves mean it's perfect for the summer. I love how quirky the eye design is. It's the 'scuba' material so it's a little strange to the touch but it hands so well on the body without making me look boxy [yay for big boob gals!] I am imaging this with heels, a tan and a coral lipstick - or I could integrate it with my own grunge/indie style with a leather jacket and pair of boots, silver accessories would look amazing with this. 
SIZE S // Zara // £25.99
So I got the dress home and I was scrolling through my Tumblr...look familiar?

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