Monday, 19 January 2015


In a wild attempt to fool Van McCann into falling in love with me, I stole his style [inspo here]. That's how you get a guys attention...right? If you don't have a clue who Van McCann is and you've never heard of Catfish and The Bottleman, you're seriously missing out. 

Today's look is something that's pretty darn simple but never crossed my mind. Lately I've had a serious case of the January blues and that meant I've refused to take off the slouchy black jumper and VANS. This particular look is an attempt to refresh my style, strip it down and go for something a little less complex and a lot more classic. I mean, you can't go wrong with stripes, hints of red and a leather jacket can you?

tartan scarf - DOROTHY PERKINS | leather jacket - H&M | striped long sleeved tee - ZARA | Bailey high waisted jeans - DOROTHY PERKINS | boots - DOROTHY PERKINS

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