Sunday, 1 February 2015


January was just going too damn well. This week just sucked. Luckily it got better, but it was just one of those weeks.

1] I hate to admit this because we all know how Taylor Swift makes me feel [extremely uncomfortable] but Blank Space is an absolute anthem [especially when drunk] so I caved and purchased it. That's it T-Swizzle, 99p and that's all you're ever getting from me. 

2] In the midst of random snowstorms, these Dorothy Perkins sandals were a risqué purchase but they have got me dreaming of spring regardless. Keep your eyes pealed because I'm pretty darn sure there going to be in a million trillion OOTD's to come. 

3] In a desperate attempt to organise the chaos that is my wardrobe I rediscovered an entire cupboards worth of clothes that I'd completely forgotten about. I'm not 100% sure this helped the overall cause, but look at it this way...there's plenty of material for new blog content...literally *not even sorry for the Dad joke*. 

4] For a brief 10 minutes there was enough sunshine to make me completely forget we're in January. Also, how rad would it be if my legs were actually that long and skinny? Damn you shadows. 

5] Reunited with the love of my life, Jack Daniels on a last-minute Friday night excursion. 

6] *MELTDOWN* The tickets to see All Time Low at their acoustic gig in Kingston arrived and I went into meltdown. I cannot believe I am gunna be seeing the guys, let alone at an intimate gig. Bummed out it's the "early show" but I will be seeing my soul-mate Jack Barakat none the less. 

7] Saturday night we planned to head into town, but apparently all trains were replaced by buses. If you know me, I will literally walk bare foot across shattered glass instead of getting a bus. I hate 'em. In an attempt to soften the blow, in our drunken state we headed to the back of the bus and [although I complained about it smelling of Nans] pretended we were on tour. #TOURLIFE.

8] The first last and only photo of the weekend. 

Next week is shaping up to be a whole lot better than this one but it can't always be brill can it? 
How was everyone elses' week?

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