Saturday, 6 September 2014


Life is insane at the moment. It's so strange that I've been working full time for 4 months, that I'm done and dusted with education forever and that in just a weeks time my brainy best buds are all off to Uni, not to mention I'm 19 in under two months...eek! 

On Friday evening, a couple of friends and I decided to take a break from reality and head to the seaside for the evening, watch the sunset and mess about on the beach in the dark. In true road trip style we got lost multiple times en-route which resulted in us racing [obvs at the national speed limit] to get to the sea front for sundown. 

I genuinely had one of the best evenings in a very long time - it's ace to just turn your phone off and mess around. We got there at the perfect time and it was so beautiful. Of course the journey home was filled with a sing-your-heart-out session to Greenday, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, oh and let's not forget my beautiful rendition of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'. 

I don't appreciate my life enough, none of us do, but lately I've been reflecting on everything a lot. I am so lucky, I'm 18 years old in full time employment and I'm lucky to work with some amazing people. Not only has my job gained me so much life experience but it's finally pointed me in the direction of what I want to do. I'm financially gaining more independence every day, which is one of my life goals. I write a little blog that I'm really proud of which has lead to me making some of my most valuable friends. My friends are the most incredible people and I couldn't ask for better people to be surrounded by. Oh and lets not forget the most amazing human in my life, my Dad. Honestly, sometimes you just need to step backwards and stare out an ocean or something so vast it makes you feel teeny tiny, but it makes you realise how amazing that teeny tiny little life you have is and how blessed you really are. 

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