Sunday, 21 September 2014


Sportswear isn't going anywhere anytime soon, SS15 is full of it. 

I definitely go through phases of being obsessed with the gym. I tend to be here there and everywhere 24/7 anyway, so that helps to keep me toned but whenever I do hit the gym I'll be head to toe NIKE. They've become one of the coolest brands around, as well as having some of the best sportswear I've ever worn - NIKE are also becoming a central piece to the sportswear trend we've seen a lot this year. Whether it's a simple black top with the NIKE tick or NIKE trainers, in my eyes they've become an extremely 'fashionable' brand.

If I know I'm going to be running round like a mad women, I'll often swap my normal bra for a sports bra. It keeps those boobs in place so I can complete my missions and it's also ticks all the sportswear trend boxes that we've seen this year and on the runway at the SS15 fashion shows.

Here's three ways I'd style a NIKE SPORTS BRA.


bomber jacket DOROTHY PERKINS | button skater skirt H&M | nike sports bra

Now we're heading into October, this probably is the least appropriate look of the bunch; but if you're heading somewhere cool or maybe to a house party - this is a great shout. Obviously, the skirt could be interchanged for a midi/mini or maxi skirt depending on your preference but I kind of likes the sportsluxe/cheerleader appearance to this outfit. 
I absolutely love bomber jackets, they're super simplistic but super cool and surprisingly warm! This  particular look accentuates my waist [which I find most flattering] and shows off some leg, but the bomber keeps me covered and doesn't allow too much skin to be on show. 


leather midi skirt DOROTHY PERKINS | shirt TOPSHOP | nike sports bra

Yanno in superman when Clark Kent rips off his shirts and there's the superman logo underneath, I kind of feel like the NIKE version of that. 
This is probably one of the smartest options for styling a sports bra. You could either leave the shirt unbuttoned as I have or do it up half way and tuck it into the skirt, it's one of those versatile looks. Teamed with a fedora and pointed Chelsea boots. I'm absolutely loving shirts as a styling piece at the moment and I think this particular blue [finely stripped] Topshop number contrasts really nicely with the black and leather texture. I've talked about it a little bit before but I've always loved mixing a really sharp, formal piece such as a shirt with something with a sportswear or grunge edge and I think it just looks edgy and a little bit different. 

duster kimono TOPSHOP | disco pant dupe H&M | nike sports bra 

Last but not least an obvious styling option. High waisted trousers of some shape or form are always a cool accompanying piece to a sports bra. I think it exposes a really flattering part for most people and keeps all the bits you don't want on show hidden. I chose to ditch the jeans for this post and rock my H&M disco pant dupes to add a little more sportswear vibe. To keep the outfit sharp and add a little layering I added my Topshop duster kimono. It's a pretty simple outfit but the different lengths, exposed skin and a little bit of texture through the trousers makes it cool. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's something a bit different. I'm going to try and do a similar post every other Sunday featuring a different piece to style. 
Obviously these are just my interpretations of how to style a sports bra, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and these looks are reflective of my own personal style.

- G 

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