Monday, 23 March 2015

ALL TIME LOW 22/3/2015

You don't even have to know me very well to know that All Time Low are one of my favourite bands ever. I remember hearing The Party Scene in like, 2005 and just knowing I'd love them forever. 
Over the years, I've had the chance to see them like three or four times, but each time something has always stopped me. EG: I was meant to see them in Brixton last year but nah. 

Anyway, I am so so gutted that I didn't get to see them at their sold-out headline gig at Wembley on Friday [they sung Stella and just that thought alone makes me want to cry] but I DID manage to see them in Kingston at their acoustic set and damn, it was good. 

The venue sucked balls and unless you were front row, you couldn't see shit. That's what happens when you put a band in a club venue, with pillars and weird circle things hanging from the ceiling. But thanks to a lovely girl called Kaytee who took some snaps of Barakat [the love of my life] and let me sneak into her place to see better, it wasn't a total disaster. Annoyingly, it wasn't as "intimate" as I'd imagined with over 1200 people, most of which were thirteen year olds wearing not a lot of clothing - making me feel 1) extremely old and 2) crazily frumpy. Also, I think everyone feels the same with acoustic sets they're nowhere near as good as full live sets [don't worry, their next UK tour I'll be there regardless of snow, loss of limbs etc].

BUT don't get me wrong, I fucking saw All Time Low. 
The setlist took me back to 2006 with 'Dear Maria', they also played acoustic versions of 'Weightless', 'Dammed If I do', 'Backseat Serenade' and 'Therapy'. I couldn't believe how talented they all were, Alex's voice just blew me away [as well as his tambourine playing]. Rian's smile really is as angelic as it looks in pictures and Zack is legit Mr Muscles, Jack really is as lanky and his hair really is that big. The boys also played "Somewhere In Neverland" as well as the heart-breaker "Remembering Sunday" [Cassadee Pope came on and my God does she have the most insane voice].

Alex discussed how he uses tampons for nose bleeds, Jack offered for us to go listen to the new album on his laptop, to which the boys told him off and some kids threw mini-sausages at them.
I felt like I was an angsty 13 year old all over again, with a shitty haircut, far too much eye-liner and a studded belt and I kind of forgot that I'm now nearly 20 [still with a shitty haircut mind you].

We also got to hear stripped down versions of their new songs 'Somethings Gotta Give' and 'Kids in The Dark' from their upcoming album 'Future Hearts'. What with 'Runaways' being released today I am beyond pumped to hear what the rest of the record sounds like.

Yes, please put this photograph on my grave. Barakat you beautiful man.

I was blown away by just how far they'd come [and yes, I did get a little bit emotional]. I remember them being scrawny boys fresh out of school and now they're these insanely good looking men, selling out bloody arenas and stuff. They deserve every second of this success/madness and I am so damn pumped to listen to their new record. I've grown up with All Time Low as my soundtrack and it's insane to think it's been nearly 10 years.

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